Dealmakers: Mid-market M&A in Australia 2022

15 February 2022

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Mergermarket is pleased to present Dealmakers: Mid-market M&A in Australia 2022, published in association with Pitcher Partners.
While the pandemic has caused incredible challenges for dealmakers over the past two years, respondents are overwhelmingly positive about Australia’s M&A prospects in 2022. Almost all (97%) say they are looking at deal opportunities here in the imminent future, an increase from 84% who were likewise prioritizing Australia in our 2021 outlook. Equally, almost half (48%) think that current record M&A levels and positive market conditions will last another 12-24 months before reaching a peak.
This report explores the current trends shaping the Australian M&A market, particularly mid-market transactions, in addition to the main drivers behind deals, opportunity sectors and challenges facing investors.
Key highlights include:
  • Economic strength: 97% regard Australia as offering some of the strongest prospects for economic growth over the next 12 months
  • Delivering value: 65% say that deals completed since January 2020 have delivered the expected value – and 20% say the results have exceeded expectations
  • Mid-market gems: 83% say Australia’s mid-market (deals valued between AU$10m and AU$250m) are superior to those in other markets
  • Increasing interest: 88% plan to increase their investments in midmarket Australian targets – and that includes more than half (58%) that plan significant increases.